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斯爾多拉?科斯塔科普洛, 教授

   Prof. Theodora Kostakopoulou-Dochery,女,希臘人,英國曼徹斯特大學教授,法學博士,主講歐盟法、國際政治,論著頗豐,被譯成中文、俄文、羅馬尼亞文和烏克蘭文在世界各地發表和出版。他無數次參加國際學術會議,并在世界各地講學。他培養的多名各國博士生在德國完成學業獲得博士學位后回國任教,有些已在中國、日本、韓國、俄羅斯、匈牙利等國大學擔任法學教授。


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European Law Journal.
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1. West European Politics
2. International Politics
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4. European Law Review
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in the European Union (Kluwer 2006).
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Citizenship in Europe (2005). The collection is based on the DCE project funded by the European Commission.
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June 2004, Oxford University Press.
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6.Irregular Migration and Human Rights: Theoretical, European and
International Perspectives (Kluwer: 2004), pp. 41-57.


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